SPLASH PARK – Big dog area 



TINY TOWN – Small dog area  


Always Unleashed is a true pet resort, others say it but we live it! We built a paradise for dogs because we felt if you’re going on vacation, it only fair, that your pet should go on one too!


We pride ourselves on having one of the best and unique programs in the country. Read on and see for yourself why we are the Rolls-Royce in the pet care industry and exceedingly different from the rest.


Dogs have 100% freedom.
They get to roam free and are NEVER put into cages or crates throughout the day or at night. Instead, we feel dogs are happiest with their pack friends; so the same dogs they played with during the day are the ones they get to snuggle with at night. Dogs are social by design and aren’t meant to be put in isolation.  Tune in and watch on our infrared night cams and see for yourself  how happy and calm our cage-free environment is…a picture paints a 1,000 words our web cams say a million.


Customer’s love that we are also staffed at night-  24 hours a day, 7 days a week someone is with your pet.  


Six webcams are available, 3 of them scan back and forth, inside and out. Your dog is always just a click away from your phone or computer from anywhere in the world.  Did you know we are the ONLY daycare in Scottsdale that has anytime webcam access available day and night? Because you pooch can’t speak or let you know what he/she did while you were apart we feel web cams should be a indispensable prerequisite when choosing your ideal pet resort as they help to provide the peace of mind needed for all our conscientious customers.   No password is needed, just click on the “LiveCam tab” above. 


We have an effectively trained staff, incomparable to any facility around. This is due to the evolution of our Manners Program being conducted each day to secure safety, order, and to establish hierarchy.  Click on the video tab above and watch the video called “Manners” to see what our Manners system looks like. It is very rare to find any doggy daycare center that allows as much toys,  freedom, and fresh air than we do.   Here at Always Unleashed, we incorporate toys into our Manners Program. We, will if needed, use alpha rolls (having dog submit on side).  Toys also help us test dogs responsiveness to the staff; other places ban toys but we provide an abundance of them. 


There are not extra fees for pool time. The dogs can go in the pool whenever they are in the park. The pool is very popular feature. 


We have 9,000 sq ft yard of rolling hills covered with pest-free/dirt-free artificial turf, adorned by a 55 ft beach entry swimming lagoon. Other amenities include 9 sunshades, throughout the property, along with 19 trees for plenty of summertime shade. We also have 6 rows of commercial grade misters and 4 industrial grade fans that can cool off the yard 20-25 degrees during those hot summer months.  


By far, we offer more activities and things to do than any other pet resort in Arizona. Our amenities include: a diving plank for the daring jumpers, “floaty rafts” which dogs learn balance while jumping from floaty to floaty resembling a sort of “doggy leap frog”.  We also have planks that reside a foot above the water frequently used to get to the island.  Staff gives out paddle boarding rides, pushing them on the surf board,  there are 5 spouting water jets, 15 foot tug-a-war games, and our agility equipment which is set out each afternoon in a fresh new design.  The resort and the many amenities are all provided for the love of the dogs and their enjoyment.

UP TOWN TINY TOWN our small dog area

Tiny town located upstairs.  The smaller, shyer, older dogs and puppies enjoy this area.    The upstairs porch is shaded and has apx 700 sq ft of turf that is sanitized each evening with stadium sprinklers. 

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Now that you know all about us and how we’re different from the rest, please give us a call! We want to hear about your pet and answer any questions you may have. It is best all new boarding dogs come in for 1 day of daycare to be evaluated before boarding; certain breeds this is a mandatory requirement before boarding.  This evaluation benefits both us; as we will be able to determine your dogs temperament and if they are a good fit and you will have piece of mind knowing you’ve made a good choice for your dog before you actually depart on your vacation.   Expect to leave your dog for a minimum of 6 hours or more; this is ample time to get to know your dog and for your dog to adjust to the new surroundings. This daycare/evaluation is $35. (See rates tab for daycare package pricing). Note: If you have a shy or timid dog it usually take longer for these dogs to embrace and trust everyone one but leaving your dog never makes your dog shyer or needier as they eventually will acclimate at their own pace.  Eventually you’ll see the shy ones get more and more comfortable the more they come.
OUT-OF-TOWN GUESTS: Sometimes we can make exceptions for people coming into town and in need of boarding services.  Partly is it based on the breed and how social your dog is as we can make an exception by getting a reference from another daycare. As stated above if you will be traveling for any extended period of time or through a major holiday it’s in the dog’s best interest to come in for a day of daycare (evaluation) before boarding for a long duration.

Also it is required your dog’s vaccinations are up to date. If your dog isn’t vaccinated with distemper and rabies we’re very sorry but unfortunately your dog will not be allowed to attend unless excused or cleared by your veterinarian for medical reasons. This policy is enforced strictly for the safety/health of your dog and the other dogs at our facility. Bordatella is at your discretion– recommended but not mandatory.  If a sickness is going around we post the symptoms on a laminated sheet hanging from the front desk.  This “sick” list includes dogs name, breed, symptoms, duration they were sick, did they go to vet or not and if so what the vet said or did.   We also include the ratio of how many dogs came and how many got sick during the time the sickness was in the resort– thus far it’s stayed under 5-6% on any sickness.   So be sure to always alert us if your dog does get sick so we are aware, can alert our guests,  and boost up our disinfecting.

Thanks you,

Always Unleashed Pet Resort –

A place where dogs come together just to have some “dog gone” fun.


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