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Dogs love the 100% freedom during the nights at Always Unleashed. Our guests never have to go into an isolated cage or crate; instead the same friends they played with during the day are the ones they get to snuggle with at night.


Cage-free boarding is the frontier philosophy behind Always Unleashed. Tune in any night and watch our 24/7 webcams to see how natural, happy and calm the cage-free lifestyle is.

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Are you staffed at night?

Yes! We are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you have any questions day or night you can always call, we’re here to help.

Where do the dogs sleep?

Wherever they dog-gone please! We have made comfy custom made doggie furniture that surrounds both the entirety of the downstairs Hound Lounge and the upstairs Tiny Town. Some sleep on the furniture; others prefer the ground and some sleep on the trendle bed in the open bedroom. In the winter we put blankets out; in the summer our guests seem to prefer the coolness of the floor.

Can my dog sleep in bed with the staff?

We do have one "golden" spot each night that provides the opportunity for your pet to share the bed with the night staff; so if it’s available: most definitely your dog can snuggle up in bed with the night staff! It is a $35 upgrade each night for the doggie to snuggle up with the night Ruff-er-ree in bed.

Where does my dog go potty during the night if he./she should have to go.

Both our lounges (Hound Lounge and Tiny Town) are attached to covered outside area porches. Guests can get to the outside anytime via multiple doggie doors. Dogs that haven’t ever used a doggie door pick up on it quite quickly as the watch their many friends go through it. Also the night staff takes the dogs into the yard a minumum of 2x before lights go out.

Are the little dogs mixed with the big dogs?

No never,ever...ever. At night the little dogs come down from The Tiny Town Lounge and go downstairs into the Tiny Town Nite room to slumber with their tiny friends.

How do you feed the dogs?

When feeding we rotate the dogs between one of four rooms including; the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom and the Meet and Greet room. So yes: the dogs are always seperated. If you have a team of dogs who come together but need to be seperated please notate this on an "attention card" located on the table in the lobby and present it to the lobby attendant.

MEDICATION: Is there an extra costs for my dog to have medication administered?

There is NO extra charge or hidden fee for giving your dog medication. Please remember, when walking into lobby, there is a medication station where;

  1. all pills need to go into a pill box; blue for pm /white for am
  2. Put on yor dogs collar the specail white medication name tag
  3. Fill out the laminted note card with any instructions staff will need follow or know about your dog
  4. White bandanna

CHECK OUT TIME: Is there a daycare fee charged if my dog doesn't check out until after 11:45.

Check out time is 11:45am, after which a discounted daycare fee of $30, which covers the remainder of the day, is assessed to your account.