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What are hours of operation and why is resort closed from 12:00-1:00pm?

Staff takes turns eating their lunches during the hours of 12:00-1:00 (We wish the Ruff-a-rees would just eat the kibble lol) If this creates an inconvience for you please just CALL us (don't knock... we may not hear you) and we'll gladly unlock the door to assist you.

Collar - Why does my dog need a quick release collar

Please bring your dog in with proper quick release collar; NO CHOKE COLLARS, Martingales, etc. If your dog isn't wearing a proper collar we will charge your account between $3-$12 for a proper quick release collar.

Name Tag - Why is it essential my dog has a metal name tag.

There is always a possibility, that our own custom, hand written name tag, that we place on your pet, may become chewed up, smudged, or even ripped off. In the event of this remote occurence, the presence of a strongly secured, metal name tag, serves as an back-up identification for your beloved pet.

Is there a vet near by?

In the event of an emergency, Blue Peral 24 hour Emergency, is nextdoor. For nonemergencies we use Bret the Vet at Arizona Animal Hospital.

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Where do the small dogs play?

Tiny Town is located upstairs. The little dogs have 1,200 indoor play area which is attached to their grassy, shaded, misted playground we call the terrace.

How can I pick up my dog from daycare AFTER hours paw-ty (up until 10 pm?)

If you find the need to pick up your daycare dog after closing hours, we've got you covered!...please let us know when dropping off; AND prepay for the late pickup; THEN call 5 minutes before you pick up, so staff can have your dog ready in the lobby. Then all you need to do is crack the front door and retrieve your dog. It's that easy!

Can my dog’s paws get sore?

Yes, very active or skin sensitive dogs who are in the water a lot can occasionally get sore paws from the pebble tech pool. It's not supper commone, maybe about 1 dog per month but still thought it was worth mentioning here. If your dog should get soar paws you'll more than likely notice dog limping and/or licking on the paw. They shouldn't lick their paw to prevent this please put a small sock on the dog and tape it aroud the ankle to keep the sock in place.

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Are you staffed at night?

Yes! We are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you have any questions day or night you can always call, we’re here to help.

How come I can't pick up after hours for boarding?

During 7-10pm the night staff is busy; cleaning, prepping food, caring for the dogs, taking the dogs outside for their 2 additional potty breaks, etc. We don't want to burden night staff with extensive late night pickups, as boarding dogs consistently have more to gather and hand off and check out. Night staff does not need added confusion or extra work.

Can I bring personal items for my dog?

Please do not bring blankets, we have customized furniture for your pups & provide clean blankets during the winter. Please do not bring your dogs favorite toys; the majority of our toys are the indestructible type! (this helps prevent ingestion) Please do not bring your own bowls; our bowls are stackable & sanitized. We are looking out for your best interest so your personal items do not get misplaced or damaged.

What if my dog is a picky eater?

If your pup is a picky eater try to bring canned food or something to get your pup excited to "dig in"! Suggestions: canned food, any type of meat, cottage cheese, left overs etc.

More FAQ to come 9/20/19 updated